The hippie who wanted to have sex with a nun.

One day a hippie gets a ride on a
public bus and sees a hot young
nun. He sits down next to her and
promptly asks if she would like to
have sex, to which she
immediately says no and walks off the bus. The bus driver leans over
and says "Hey guy I know how to get that nun to have sex with
you..." Naturally the hippie asks, and the
bus driver tells him that every night
at midnight the nun goes to an old
graveyard to pray for God to
forgive her for her past, and that he
should dress up like God and tell the nun she will be forgiven if she has
sex with you. The hippie gives his thanks and
runs to the nearest costume shop. Later that evening the hippie gets
ready for his big night and drives
down to the graveyard and sees
the nun praying, on her knees. He
says "Behold, I have heard your prayers and you shall be forgiven if
you have sex with me!" The nun agrees but asks if they can
have anal sex in order to keep her
virginity. The hippie agrees and
once they are finished the hippie
jumps back and pulls off his mask
and says "Surpise, its me the Hippie!" The nun jumps up and pulls off her
mask and says "Surprise, its me the bus driver!"

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