About Us!

Laughing Dude is a blog created in December 2010, solely for the fun and entertainment of all internet users. Here we try to gather and post all the the best and most hilarious jokes around. The aim of our blog is to make you laugh until you can no more breath (not really!), till your stomach hurts from all the laughing and we won't stop until you end up laughing your asses off.

Here are a few things that might interest you:

1) The blog is updated daily with new jokes.

2) The humour on our blog can sometimes be crude or sensitive to certain people. So you are reading us with your own consent.

3) The opinions and thoughts expressed in the jokes on Laughing Dude are only for entertainment purposes and do not reflect those of the blog creators/owners and of the posters.

4) Your recommendations or complaints or requests are always welcome. Our contact is,


5) We recently created another blog where we share lists of pictures. Link is,


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