Saint Peter's day off.

Saint Peter had a terrible cold and
fever and didn't think he would last
the day minding the Pearly Gates of
Heaven. So he phoned Jesus to ask for
the day off. "Why, Peter," Jesus said. "You know
your health is my first concern. Take as
much time as you need." As Jesus pondered who he might use
to replace Peter, he decided to handle
the job himself. It was a very slow day
and no one approached the Gates
until late in the afternoon, when in the
distance, Jesus saw a bent, white- haired old man slowly making his way
up the path with the aid of a gnarled
cane. As the man neared, Jesus said, "Good
afternoon, sir. How may I help you?" "Well," replied the man, "I was hoping
to enter the Gates of Heaven." "We would certainly love to have you,"
said Jesus, "but we do have certain
rules as to who can enter Heaven. Tell
me, what have you done to deserve
such an honor?" "Actually, I have done nothing so
wonderful myself," said the man. "I
lived in a small town and led a simple
life as a carpenter. But my son," he
continued, "now HE was special !" With pride in his voice he said, "I
raised him to be a carpenter like
myself and did my best to teach him
right from wrong. And when he grew
older, an amazing transformation
overcame him and to this day he's known throughout the world and
loved by all alike." As Jesus listened to the story, a sense
of recognition came to him. With a
lump in his throat and a tear in his eye,
he threw open his arms and cried,
"Father!" Emotional at this outburst, the old man
threw open his arms and yelled,

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