Three men in the desert.

Ok, three guys are walking though the desert when they come across an orchid in the middle of nowhere. They walked through it until they came to a house. Because of being half dead from walking so far in the heat they go to the front door and knock. A man opens the door.

"Food, food, water, water" they all chorused together. The man agreed to let them stay the night with a few rules, "in the left door, there is all the food you can eat, the right all the drink, but never ever go into the end door, do you understand???"

The three men agreed, and went to the left door to find the biggest amount of food ever! After a big feed they go into the right door. In the room was soft drink, water, wine, and a much appreciated alcohol. They drunk so much alcohol that they all stumbled their way into the end door. As they went in, they found a man sitting in a big room full of gold. The man said "Ok, I told you not to come in here, you'll have to pay the penalty!"

"what's that?" the 3 men asked.

"Go out into the orchid and pick 100 of your favourite fruit."

"Ok" the men though and went outside to the orchid.

One guy had finished picking his favourite fruit, grapes and took them to the man. "Ok, if you can fit all those grapes up your arse without laughing I'll let you off, otherwise you are my slave for a year!"

The first of the 3 guys thought "Easy" and started shoving them up his behind.

And as he went to put the last grape up his arse he looked out the window and started to laugh.

"Well, you came so close" the man said. "I'll let you go though, but never return!"
"oh thank you so much" said the 1st man kindly.

"no problem, but may I ask why you got so close and then laughed?"

"Oh, my mates are out there picking watermelons!"

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