That's why we don't cuss in front of kids.

One day a little girl's parents were fighting in the kitchen and the father calls the mother a bitch and the mother calls the father a hoe. The little girl asked what they meant. The parents replied that it meant a very nice person. The father exclaims that the mothers has small tits. The little girl asks what tits are. The mother said that they were shoes. The mother told the father that he had a small dick. Once again the girl asks what a dick is and the father had said that it was a coat. Later on the father was upstairs shaving And the little girl was watching and asked what he was putting on his face. He cuts himself and says "SHIT!!". So she goes down into the kitchen where her mother was and she asked what she was doing to the turkey. She also cut heself with the carving knife and says "FUCK!!". The doorbell rings and she answers it. She sais to the visitors "come on in all you bitches and hoes, take off your dicks and your tits. My father is upstars putting shit on his face and my mother is in the kitchen fucking the turkey".

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