Billy not so good at english.

Billy was on holiday in America and
didn't speak very good English. It was
his last day and he was heading to the
airport to fly home, but first he needed
to buy a few things.

He ends up going to the store and
asking the clerk for some "BUM". She
sits there and thinks for awhile and
then says, "Oh you must mean gum."

Then he goes to the fish store and
askes if he could get some "FUCK IT".
The fish man thinks and says, "Oh I get
it, you must mean Bucket (bucket of

Billy shakes his head as YES.

Then he makes a trip to the pet store
and says, "Could I get a cock and
spank it?" The pet store owner says
"Oh you must mean Cocker Spaniel."
Billy shakes his head YES.

He finally makes it to the airport where
he will be catching his flight.

When he gets there he askes this guy... "Could you hold my bum and fuck it
while I get my cock and spank it"

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