The bedroom's parrot.

A man suspected that his wife was cheating on him, but he could not find time to prove it since they worked opposite shifts. He soon came up with the idea to get a talking Parrot and hide it in the closet of the bedroom while he was gone.

He went to the local pet store and the clerk said we only have one Parrot that can talk real good, but he is sort of handicapped. The husband asked, "what's wrong with him?" The clerk then told the man that the bird was born with no legs, so he holds himself up on the Perch by wrapping his long dick around it. The man agreed to buy the Parrot anyway.

Once the man arrived home, he put the Parrot in the bedroom closet and instructed the Parrot on what to do. Leaving the closet door partially open for the Parrot to see the bedroom, the man then left for work.

Arriving home the next morning the man noticed his wife had already left for work. He quickly went inside and began asking the Parrot, "what have you seen?" The Parrot replied "You are right, your wife is cheating on you!" "Go on", said the man. "About a half an hour after you left, your wife came into the bedroom with another man! " said the Parrot. "Go on", said the man. "Then they took off all of their clothes and got onto the bed!" "Go on,"said the man. "Then that guy started kissing your wife and sucking on her tits!" said the Parrot. "Then what happened?",asked the man. "Then that guy put his head between her legs and started licking her puss!", said the Parrot. "Then what?" ,asked the man. "I don't know", said the Parrot, "my dick got hard and I fell off the Perch!!"

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