Pierre, the French fighter pilot.

Pierre, the French fighter pilot (hold the chuckles, this ain’t the entire joke) and his girlfriend are out on a leisurely picnic enjoying fine Parisian cheeses and wines when caught up in the moment Pierre’s girlfriend murmurs, “Kiss me Pierre. ” He pulls a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon out of the picnic basket and proceeds to pour it across her face then passionately kiss her.
“Pierre, what did you do that for?” “I am Pierre the French fighter pilot and with red meat I like red wine.” Stirred by the intimate turn the picnic is taking, she slips the top of her dress over her shoulders and says in a seductive tone,
“Kiss me lower Pierre. ” Pierre responds by pulling a moderately aged Pinot Griggio from the picnic basket and pours it across her supple breasts then licking and kissing them clean. Aroused now Pierre’s girlfriend asks once more
“Pierre, what did you do that for?” “I am Pierre the French fighter pilot and with white meat I like white wine.” Pierre’s girlfriend then removes the rest of her dress and stands before him and gestures none too subtlely at her woman parts
“Kiss me lower Pierre !” He responds by pulling a bottle of
aged cognac from the basket, pouring it on her crotch and lighting it on fire. Horrified she puts the fire out and screams,
“Pierre, what did you do that for?!” “I am Pierre the French fighter pilot and when I go down, I go down in flames!”

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