Little Timmy.

Little Timmy was going on a fishing trip with his father one weekend. All packed up and ready they take off. About an hour after putting in and setting their lines, Little Timmy's father takes out a beer, cracks it open and sets it down hoping that Timmy didn’t notice. Timmy looks up at his father “Can I have a sip of you beer Dad?” Timmys father replys “Can your Pecker touch your Asshole son ?” Timmy frowns and says No.
His father goes “Then you can’t have a sip of my beer”. An hour or so later Timmy starts to get hungry and he just happened to sneak a candy bar into his pocket before they left. Timmy carefully opens it and takes a bite and tries to hid it. But Timmy's Father noticed and is starting to get a bit hungry too.
“Hey, Timmy do you think I could get a bite of you candy bar?” Timmy replies “Can your Pecker touch your Asshole ?” “Why Yes Timmy it can.” says the father.
And with out missing it, Timmy proudly states “Then Go Fuck Yourself!”

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